Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Castle Donington, Leicestershire


Latitude: 52.8448788888889, Longitude: -1.33738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1816Castle Donington, Leicestershire I49531
2 Martha  Abt 1818Castle Donington, Leicestershire I84901
3 Mary  Abt 1807Castle Donington, Leicestershire I76675
4 ADKIN, Charles Leonard  Abt 1907Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85473
5 ADKIN, William  Abt 1871Castle Donington, Leicestershire I34231
6 BYWATER, Elizabeth  Abt 1861Castle Donington, Leicestershire I104698
7 CHATTERLEY, George  Abt 1834Castle Donington, Leicestershire I96228
8 CHETWIN, Ann  Abt 1800Castle Donington, Leicestershire I76671
9 CHETWIN, William  Abt 1809Castle Donington, Leicestershire I76674
10 CLIFTON, Charles John Taylor  Abt 1844Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85703
11 CLUER, George Edgar  Mar 1911Castle Donington, Leicestershire I49524
12 COOPER, Alice Annie  Abt 1894Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85430
13 COOPER, Charles  19 Nov 1887Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85428
14 COOPER, Jesse  Abt 1900Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85432
15 COOPER, John Fairbrother  3 Jul 1889Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85424
16 COOPER, Lucy Ann  Abt 1892Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85429
17 COOPER, Sarah Ellen  Abt 1898Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85550
18 DRAPER, Ann  Abt 1817Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33894
19 DUMELOW, Edward  Abt 1850Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35413
20 DUMELOW, George  Abt 1884Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35407
21 DUMELOW, Joe  Abt 1882Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35408
22 DUMELOW, Leah  24 Mar 1888Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35414
23 DUMELOW, Lily  Abt 1886Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35406
24 DUMELOW, Lizzie  Abt 1890Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35405
25 DUMELOW, Lois  Abt 1875Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35410
26 DUMELOW, Martha  Abt 1872Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35411
27 DUMELOW, Mary  Abt 1877Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35409
28 GARTON, Albert Ernest  Abt 1867Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33838
29 GARTON, Ann  Abt 1842Castle Donington, Leicestershire I36894
30 GARTON, Charles  Abt 1847Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33893
31 GARTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33884
32 GARTON, Ellen  Abt 1875Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33835
33 GARTON, Emma  Abt 1848Castle Donington, Leicestershire I34264
34 GARTON, Fanny  Abt 1852Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33892
35 GARTON, Florence E.  Abt 1878Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33819
36 GARTON, Frederick  Abt 1845Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33885
37 GARTON, George  Abt 1841Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33886
38 GARTON, Henry  Abt 1859Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33889
39 GARTON, John  Abt 1871Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33836
40 GARTON, Mary  Abt 1869Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33837
41 GARTON, Selina  Abt 1856Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33890
42 GARTON, William  Abt 1816Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33895
43 GARTON, William  Abt 1854Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33891
44 GLOVER, Robert  Abt 1872Castle Donington, Leicestershire I47429
45 GREAVES, Sarah  Abt 1843Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33841
46 HALFORD, John  Abt 1843Castle Donington, Leicestershire I17626
47 HARRIS, Sarah  Abt 1827Castle Donington, Leicestershire I28856
48 HASTINGS  17 Feb 1700Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101748
49 HASTINGS, Ferdinando Richard  22 Oct 1699Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101673
50 HENSHAW, Elizabeth  Abt 1768Castle Donington, Leicestershire I98717

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ADKIN, Kerenhappuch  13 Oct 1878Castle Donington, Leicestershire I34266
2 BIRKINSHAW, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1785Castle Donington, Leicestershire I104060
3 BIRKINSHAW, Mary  28 Oct 1788Castle Donington, Leicestershire I104058
4 BIRKINSHAW, Nathaniel  4 Jul 1782Castle Donington, Leicestershire I104057
5 BIRKINSHAW, Robert  6 Jun 1786Castle Donington, Leicestershire I104059
6 CLIFTON, Charles John Taylor  30 Apr 1844Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85703
7 COOPER, Alice Annie  9 May 1894Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85430
8 COOPER, Charles  1 Jan 1888Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85428
9 COOPER, Jesse  27 May 1900Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85432
10 COOPER, John Fairbrother  4 Aug 1889Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85424
11 COOPER, Lucy Ann  5 Jun 1892Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85429
12 COOPER, Sarah Ellen  6 Nov 1898Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85550
13 COOPER, Sidney Thomas  6 Nov 1898Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85551
14 DALBY, Thomas  2 Aug 1768Castle Donington, Leicestershire I39482
15 DRAPER, William  3 Jul 1845Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33880
16 GARTON, Charles  1 Feb 1858Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33893
17 GARTON, Selina  8 Jul 1856Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33890
18 GREAVES, Sarah  13 Dec 1843Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33841
19 HARRIS, Sarah  12 Mar 1827Castle Donington, Leicestershire I28856
20 HASTINGS, Lady Alice  5 Nov 1629Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101650
21 HASTINGS, Elizabeth Baroness Hastings  23 Mar 1730Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101676
22 HASTINGS, Ferdinando  23 Jan 1732Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101677
23 HASTINGS, Ferdinando Richard  1 Nov 1699Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101673
24 HASTINGS, Lady Frances  13 Feb 1697Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101670
25 HASTINGS, Francis 10th Earl of Huntingdon  14 Mar 1728Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101675
26 HASTINGS, Henry  12 Dec 1739Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101680
27 HASTINGS, Thomas Lord Hastings  19 Nov 1674Castle Donington, Leicestershire I101658
28 HOOLEY, Isaac  7 Jan 1863Castle Donington, Leicestershire I66067
29 HOOLEY, John Edward  7 Jan 1863Castle Donington, Leicestershire I66066
30 LEES, Edward  17 Jan 1844Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35393
31 LEES, Hannah  5 Jan 1849Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35398
32 LEES, James  11 Mar 1836Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35396
33 LEES, John  4 Nov 1853Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35397
34 LEES, Joseph  12 Jan 1839Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35395
35 LEES, Lilly  17 Jan 1844Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35392
36 LEES, Mary  2 Mar 1851Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35412
37 LEES, Samuel  1 May 1846Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35399
38 LEES, William  2 Dec 1841Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35394
39 NEWBOLD, Ann  8 Apr 1794Castle Donington, Leicestershire I6544
40 NEWBOLD, Elizabeth  27 Jan 1798Castle Donington, Leicestershire I62056
41 NEWBOLD, George  15 Apr 1810Castle Donington, Leicestershire I62057
42 NEWBOLD, Mary  24 Feb 1796Castle Donington, Leicestershire I62055
43 OSBORNE, Ellen Priscilla  5 Apr 1885Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85552
44 ROSE, James  14 Feb 1752Castle Donington, Leicestershire I98713
45 ROSE, John  1 Sep 1749Castle Donington, Leicestershire I98712
46 ROSE, Mary  15 Apr 1744Castle Donington, Leicestershire I98714
47 ROSE, William  13 Nov 1745Castle Donington, Leicestershire I98730
48 TOMLINSON, Ann  17 Jan 1807Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35387
49 TOMLINSON, Martha  Dec 1812Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35388
50 TOMLINSON, Martha  8 Aug 1814Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35400

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Nellie  25 Dec 1984Castle Donington, Leicestershire I11884
2 CLARKE, Rose Mary  3 Apr 1977Castle Donington, Leicestershire I4737
3 TOMLINSON, Martha  Abt 1812Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35388
4 TOMLINSON, Robert  Abt 1819Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35385
5 TOPLIS, John  Abt 1784Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COOPER, John  2 May 1898Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85549
2 COOPER, Sidney Thomas  2 Jun 1899Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85551
3 DRAPER, William  31 May 1849Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33880
4 GARTON, Selina  16 Oct 1864Castle Donington, Leicestershire I33890
5 GEARY, Ann  23 Jan 1895Castle Donington, Leicestershire I67469
6 LEES, Ann  17 Mar 1851Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35391
7 LEES, Edward  23 Jan 1844Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35393
8 NEWBOLD, Mary  12 Jul 1796Castle Donington, Leicestershire I62055
9 OSBORNE, Joseph  13 Oct 1906Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85435
10 TOMLINSON, Martha  30 Dec 1812Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35388
11 TOMLINSON, Robert  6 Jan 1819Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35385
12 TOMLINSON, Robert  25 May 1819Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35389
13 TOPLIS, John  6 Oct 1784Castle Donington, Leicestershire I35381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 OSBORNE, Ellen Priscilla  11 Aug 1878Castle Donington, Leicestershire I85552


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DARBY / HATHERN  20 Jan 1817Castle Donington, Leicestershire F2811
2 DRAPER / BANCROFT  2 Sep 1811Castle Donington, Leicestershire F10737
3 DRAPER / CHATTERLEY  3 Aug 1843Castle Donington, Leicestershire F10736
4 GARTON / DRAPER  29 Oct 1837Castle Donington, Leicestershire F10738
5 GREAVES / WHEATLEY  6 Dec 1840Castle Donington, Leicestershire F10728
6 HENSHAW / ROSE  16 Jul 1766Castle Donington, Leicestershire F27392
7 LEES / TOMLINSON  29 Dec 1835Castle Donington, Leicestershire F11103
8 NEWBOLD / GARTON  20 May 1793Castle Donington, Leicestershire F15933
9 OLDERSHAW / HENSHAW  7 May 1799Castle Donington, Leicestershire F27393
10 THORPE / ROBY  5 Mar 1829Castle Donington, Leicestershire F25048
11 TOMLINSON / TOPLIS  31 Dec 1805Castle Donington, Leicestershire F11102
12 TOPLISS / CLIFFORD  2 Jul 1783Castle Donington, Leicestershire F11100
13 TWELLS / JACQUES  24 Nov 1814Castle Donington, Leicestershire F13092
14 TWELLS / ORTON  3 Feb 1872Castle Donington, Leicestershire F13095