Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABBOT, Bridget Katrine  Abt 1901Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88208
2 ABBOT, Henry Falconer Napier  Abt 1887Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88205
3 ABBOT, Henry Napier  Abt 1849Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88142
4 ABBOT, Richenda  Abt 1890Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88206
5 ALWAY, Doris M.  8 Oct 1907Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89452
6 ALWAY, John W.  20 Nov 1904Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89451
7 ALWAY, Leslie M.  Abt 1904Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89450
8 ALWAY, Marion V.  Abt 1901Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89448
9 ALWAY, Sidney F.  Abt 1903Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89449
10 BIRD, Frances Edith  Abt 1881Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I53173
11 BIRD, Mabel Lucy  Abt 1886Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I49775
12 CHAPMAN, Florence Elizabeth  Abt 1858Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I53034
13 CLARKE, Margaret Barbara  Abt 1893Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88193
14 COLEMAN, Gerald  Abt 1865Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89272
15 COLEMAN, Minnie Elizabeth  Abt 1863Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I89271
16 COLEMAN, William  Abt 1823Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I53036
17 COLMAN, Edith Lucy  Abt 1876Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I69449
18 ELWELL, Kate Evans  14 Aug 1854Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64712
19 FRY, Josephine Louisa  Abt 1869Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88154
20 GRACE, Edgar William  Abt 1901Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64023
21 GRACE, Gladys Mary  Abt 1904Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64025
22 GRACE, Primrose  Abt 1906Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64026
23 GURNSEY, Henry William  Between 1 Oct 1838 and 31 Dec 1838Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I58963
24 HAMILTON, Allan  Apr 1874Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I92482
25 HARTNELL, Edward Bush  Abt 1868Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64031
26 HILL, Alice Mary  Abt 1880Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I69650
27 JEFFERIES, Mary Sanforth  Abt 1869Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I53044
28 JONES, Mary  Abt 1794Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I80274
29 KEPPLE, Sarah  Abt 1825Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I53238
30 NURSE, Ellen  Abt 1871Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I55797
31 PAINTER, Henry  Abt 1816Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I125801
32 PEASE, Lucy Ann  Abt 1845Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I88188
33 PIGEON, Henry Walter  5 Jul 1859Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64112
34 PIGEON, Walter  Abt 1806Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64106
35 POCOCK, Mary Kate  Abt 1849Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64063
36 SLAUGHTER, Alice Catherine  Abt 1871Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64022
37 WAYMOUTH, Mary  Abt 1819Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I67124
38 WEDGWOOD, Jessie  1804Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I78742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Susanna  7 May 1856Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I96012
2 BOAM, Ann  3 Jul 1886Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I48771
3 GURNSEY, Emily Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1857 and 30 Jun 1857Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I59000
4 PAINTER, Thomas  3 Feb 1878Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I82984
5 PIGEON, Walter Kemball  13 Feb 1861Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire I64114


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURNELL / ROWLES  15 May 1887Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F21663
2 MATTHEWS / FRY  11 Dec 1900Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F24183
3 MCCANDISH / FRY  13 Apr 1899Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F24182
4 MONDAY / JONES  1 Aug 1819Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F21641
5 PIGEON / KEMBALL  27 Jun 1857Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F16552
6 PULLIN / LIMBRICK  24 Jun 1793Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F17908
7 TYLER / WEBBER  3 Apr 1831Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F18183
8 WILLIAMS / LOMAX  28 Sep 1865Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire F21208