Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Groby, Leicestershire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1838Groby, Leicestershire I6495
2 ASPELL, Ann Jane  Abt 1860Groby, Leicestershire I48153
3 ASPELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1855Groby, Leicestershire I48155
4 ASPELL, Mary G.  Abt 1858Groby, Leicestershire I48154
5 BAUM, Arthur  Abt 1879Groby, Leicestershire I35575
6 BAUM, Hannah  Abt 1847Groby, Leicestershire I43702
7 BAUM, John W.  Abt 1877Groby, Leicestershire I35576
8 BLOCKLEY, Albert Edward  Abt 1885Groby, Leicestershire I52858
9 BLOCKLEY, Alfred William  Abt 1878Groby, Leicestershire I52857
10 BLOCKLEY, Florence Grace  Abt 1890Groby, Leicestershire I52859
11 BLOCKLEY, Wilfred  Abt 1893Groby, Leicestershire I52860
12 BROTHERHOOD, Ada M.  Abt 1885Groby, Leicestershire I40926
13 BROTHERHOOD, Alice  Abt 1881Groby, Leicestershire I40959
14 BROTHERHOOD, Annie E.  Abt 1878Groby, Leicestershire I40960
15 BROTHERHOOD, Elizabeth  Abt 1883Groby, Leicestershire I40928
16 BROTHERHOOD, Harriet E.  Abt 1884Groby, Leicestershire I40927
17 BROTHERHOOD, Herbert  Abt 1883Groby, Leicestershire I40955
18 BROTHERHOOD, Louis Edward  Abt 1885Groby, Leicestershire I40956
19 BROTHERHOOD, Mary Ellen  Abt 1875Groby, Leicestershire I40961
20 BROTHERHOOD, Sarah Ann  Abt 1871Groby, Leicestershire I40963
21 BROTHERHOOD, William Henry  Abt 1873Groby, Leicestershire I40962
22 BUTHAWAY, Gladys  Abt 1911Groby, Leicestershire I50959
23 COSTELOW, Henry  Abt 1842Groby, Leicestershire I10787
24 COSTELOW, Margaret  Abt 1849Groby, Leicestershire I10789
25 COSTELOW, Mary Ellen  Abt 1844Groby, Leicestershire I10788
26 DAFT, John  Abt 1792Groby, Leicestershire I55222
27 DARBY, Edwin  Abt 1851Groby, Leicestershire I9069
28 DARBY, John  Abt 1849Groby, Leicestershire I9068
29 DARBY, William  Abt 1845Groby, Leicestershire I9066
30 DEVEREAU, John Tom  Abt 1890Groby, Leicestershire I40843
31 DOLMAN, Sarah Jane  Abt 1851Groby, Leicestershire I66195
32 FOULDS, Frank  Abt 1886Groby, Leicestershire I51032
33 FOULDS, Herbert Alfred  Abt 1884Groby, Leicestershire I51031
34 FOULDS, Mary A.  Abt 1883Groby, Leicestershire I51030
35 GEARY, Arthur Thomas  Abt 1899Groby, Leicestershire I40846
36 GEARY, Caroline Minnie  Abt 1869Groby, Leicestershire I48160
37 GEARY, Charles  Abt 1855Groby, Leicestershire I46946
38 GEARY, Edward  Abt 1886Groby, Leicestershire I40948
39 GEARY, Edward Thomas  Abt 1860Groby, Leicestershire I46944
40 GEARY, Eleanor  6 Feb 1861Groby, Leicestershire I46943
41 GEARY, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Groby, Leicestershire I34078
42 GEARY, Emma  Abt 1850Groby, Leicestershire I34077
43 GEARY, Ernest  Abt 1893Groby, Leicestershire I40848
44 GEARY, George  Abt 1838Groby, Leicestershire I34019
45 GEARY, George  6 Sep 1851Groby, Leicestershire I46948
46 GEARY, Hannah  15 Jul 1847Groby, Leicestershire I46950
47 GEARY, Harry  Abt 1850Groby, Leicestershire I46949
48 GEARY, Henry  Abt 1819Groby, Leicestershire I46953
49 GEARY, Henry  Abt 1832Groby, Leicestershire I28723
50 GEARY, John  17 Feb 1842Groby, Leicestershire I6321

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAUM, Emma  21 Aug 1842Groby, Leicestershire I19263
2 COSTELOW, Henry  12 Jun 1842Groby, Leicestershire I10787
3 COSTELOW, Margaret  10 Mar 1849Groby, Leicestershire I10789
4 COSTELOW, Mary Ellen  10 Nov 1844Groby, Leicestershire I10788
5 COSTLOWE, Stephen  2 May 1847Groby, Leicestershire I10781
6 GEARY, Caroline Minnie  26 Mar 1869Groby, Leicestershire I48160
7 GEARY, Charles  23 Dec 1855Groby, Leicestershire I46946
8 GEARY, Edward  9 Jun 1844Groby, Leicestershire I34869
9 GEARY, Edward Thomas  15 Jan 1860Groby, Leicestershire I46944
10 GEARY, Eleanor  7 Feb 1861Groby, Leicestershire I46943
11 GEARY, Eliza Jane  24 Nov 1861Groby, Leicestershire I86868
12 GEARY, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1848Groby, Leicestershire I34078
13 GEARY, Emma  15 Dec 1850Groby, Leicestershire I34077
14 GEARY, George  7 Dec 1851Groby, Leicestershire I46948
15 GEARY, Hannah  25 Jul 1847Groby, Leicestershire I46950
16 GEARY, Harriet  2 Nov 1862Groby, Leicestershire I34868
17 GEARY, Harry  15 Dec 1850Groby, Leicestershire I46949
18 GEARY, Henry  16 Feb 1832Groby, Leicestershire I28723
19 GEARY, Mary Elizabeth  21 Feb 1858Groby, Leicestershire I46945
20 GEARY, Mary Jane  12 Jul 1846Groby, Leicestershire I34079
21 GEARY, Sarah Ann  3 Jun 1860Groby, Leicestershire I86872
22 GEARY, Selina  4 Apr 1841Groby, Leicestershire I34609
23 GEARY, William  5 Feb 1854Groby, Leicestershire I34076
24 LYTHALL, John Thomas  19 Oct 1873Groby, Leicestershire I24239
25 PAGETT, Dinah Walton  13 Jul 1851Groby, Leicestershire I116707
26 PAGETT, Mary Ann  13 Jul 1851Groby, Leicestershire I116703
27 PAGETT, Thomas  3 Aug 1847Groby, Leicestershire I116705
28 WARNER, Agnes  3 Jul 1853Groby, Leicestershire I34069
29 WARNER, Alfred  13 Aug 1848Groby, Leicestershire I34055
30 WARNER, Alfred  24 Feb 1850Groby, Leicestershire I34071
31 WARNER, Bertha Elizabeth  14 Dec 1851Groby, Leicestershire I34070
32 WARNER, Jane  4 Apr 1860Groby, Leicestershire I34067
33 WARNER, Levis  15 Apr 1855Groby, Leicestershire I34068
34 WARNER, Thomas  4 Mar 1860Groby, Leicestershire I34066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FOULDS, George  12 Aug 1908Groby, Leicestershire I35833
2 GEARY, Thomas  Abt 1802Groby, Leicestershire I34092
3 GEARY, William  Nov 1847Groby, Leicestershire I34099
4 THURSTON, Harriet  16 Jun 1923Groby, Leicestershire I51021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLIFFORD, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1854Groby, Leicestershire I34080
2 GEARY, Elizabeth  6 Apr 1852Groby, Leicestershire I34613
3 GEARY, Elizabeth  4 Jul 1854Groby, Leicestershire I34078
4 GEARY, Thomas  30 Aug 1846Groby, Leicestershire I34051
5 GEARY, William  28 Oct 1854Groby, Leicestershire I34076
6 GEARY, William  22 Dec 1872Groby, Leicestershire I34608
7 GILLIVER, Joseph  23 Aug 1858Groby, Leicestershire I104879
8 GILLIVER, Joseph  29 Dec 1858Groby, Leicestershire I105247
9 GILLIVER, William  2 Jan 1851Groby, Leicestershire I104887
10 WARNER, Alfred  30 Dec 1849Groby, Leicestershire I34055


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ASPELL, Ann Jane  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48153
2 ASPELL, Caroline  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48156
3 ASPELL, Elizabeth  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48155
4 ASPELL, George  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48157
5 ASPELL, John C.  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48158
6 ASPELL, Mary G.  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48154
7 ASPELL, Sarah  1861Groby, Leicestershire I6322
8 BAUM, John  1841Groby, Leicestershire I43703
9 BAUM, Joseph  1841Groby, Leicestershire I43705
10 BLOCKLEY, Albert Edward  1911Groby, Leicestershire I52858
11 BLOCKLEY, Alfred George  1911Groby, Leicestershire I32777
12 BLOCKLEY, Wilfred  1911Groby, Leicestershire I52860
13 BROTHERHOOD, Ann  1911Groby, Leicestershire I38946
14 BROTHERHOOD, William  1911Groby, Leicestershire I40964
15 BROUGHTON, Isabella  1911Groby, Leicestershire I40957
16 CLIFFORD, Elizabeth  1861Groby, Leicestershire I34080
17 COSTELOW, Martin  1841Groby, Leicestershire I10785
18 CROWSON, Sarah  1861Groby, Leicestershire I48159
19 DARBY, Edwin  1851Groby, Leicestershire I9069
20 DARBY, John  1851Groby, Leicestershire I9068
21 DARBY, Joseph  1851Groby, Leicestershire I9007
22 DARBY, Sarah  1851Groby, Leicestershire I9067
23 DARBY, William  1851Groby, Leicestershire I9066
24 ELLIS, Sarah  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34024
25 ELLIS, Sarah  1851Groby, Leicestershire I34024
26 FOULDS, Herbert Alfred  1911Groby, Leicestershire I51031
27 FOULDS, James  1911Groby, Leicestershire I35841
28 FOULDS, Mary A.  1911Groby, Leicestershire I51030
29 GEARY, Ann  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34020
30 GEARY, Arthur Thomas  1911Groby, Leicestershire I40846
31 GEARY, Charles  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34611
32 GEARY, Charles  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34022
33 GEARY, Charles  1851Groby, Leicestershire I34611
34 GEARY, Edward  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34083
35 GEARY, Edward  1861Groby, Leicestershire I34083
36 GEARY, Edward  1911Groby, Leicestershire I40948
37 GEARY, Edward Thomas  1911Groby, Leicestershire I46944
38 GEARY, Elizabeth  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34613
39 GEARY, Elizabeth  1851Groby, Leicestershire I34613
40 GEARY, Elizabeth  1861Groby, Leicestershire I34078
41 GEARY, Emma  1861Groby, Leicestershire I34077
42 GEARY, Ernest  1911Groby, Leicestershire I40848
43 GEARY, George  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34019
44 GEARY, George  1851Groby, Leicestershire I34019
45 GEARY, Hannah  1851Groby, Leicestershire I46950
46 GEARY, Harriet  1841Groby, Leicestershire I34610
47 GEARY, Harry  1851Groby, Leicestershire I46949
48 GEARY, Harry  1911Groby, Leicestershire I46949
49 GEARY, Henry  1841Groby, Leicestershire I46953
50 GEARY, Henry  1841Groby, Leicestershire I28723

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GREY, Sir John  Groby, Leicestershire I115760
2 LYTHALL, Thomas  24 Nov 1863Groby, Leicestershire I24234


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MILLS / LYTHALL  24 Dec 1885Groby, Leicestershire F11505