Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand


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1 "Alexander, fourth of Over Skibo, …. He was head of the firm of Gray & Ogilvy, Army Agents, London and resided at Springwell Place, Herts. He inherited the estate of Cromarty from his half-uncle, George Ross, and immediately upon his death assumed the name of Ross. He married ____ Mary Susanna, only daughter of Richard Wainhouse, who had taken the name of Emmott and had by her, who died 1st April 1829 (Gent's Mag.)

1. Ellen, who married 1805, her first cousin Alexander Oswald.
2. Caroline, married ____ Edward Parkins d.s.p.
3. Harriet Susanna, married, 13th April 1811, George Green, who died 10th August 1839. Their grandson is the present Walter Green Emmott."
[from:   The Scottish Antiquary, or, Northern Notes and Queries,    Vol. 7, No. 28 (1893) pp 182-87. The Ross Family (continued), Appendix G,  Gray of Skibo and Over Skibo in the Parish of Creich, Sutherlandshire, p 186]

"George Ross … had influential connections in the city, in the army, and in politics, with whose assistance during the seven years' war he built up an army agency business (by 1763 he held some eight regimental agencies) and amassed a considerable fortune. … In 1768 he took into partnership his half-nephew and heir Alexander Gray of Over Skibo. Business increased, particularly during the American war, and by 1780 the firm were agents for 21 regiments. In 1780 Ross was returned [as Member of Parliament] for Cromarty (at the age of 80), apparently unopposed, having previously transferred his agencies (a disqualification for membership) to his nephew's firm, Gray and Ogilvie."   historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/17541790/member/ross-george-1700-86   

"The compiler of the Whig electoral survey in 1788 considered the leading interests in Cromarty to be those of [several named persons including] Alexander Gray Ross of Over Skibo, an army agent, who in 1786 had inherited the property of George Ross of Cromarty, Member for the county in the 1780 Parliament."      The House of Commons 1750-1790, RG Thorne, London, 1986, p 528

In a series of law cases relating to repayment of debts incurred by Alexander Ross, the facts reported included the following:

In 1780, George Ross of Cromarty, on retiring from business as an army agent in London, was succeeded by his nephew, Alexander Gray  who in conjunction with John Ogilvy (or Ogilvie), a former clerk of the house, carried on the business under the successive firms of Gray and Ogilvy, and Ross and Ogilvy.

George Ross executed an entail in favour of his male relations over his Cromarty estate in 1783 and died in 1787;

Alexander Gray, assumed the name of Ross on coming into this inheritance;
in March 1804, Ross and Ogilvy became bankrupts;
they obtained their certificates of discharge in March 1807;

Alexander Ross died without male issue.

[The Scottish Jurist, July 1831 - July 1832, Vol 4, No. 4, pp 9-12 - Mrs Munro or Rose v. A&J Drummond, 30th August 1831.   Reports of Cases decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, Vol 13, 1841, pp 372-381 - Mrs Munro or Ross v. J&A Drummond, 11 March 1841.]

Burke's Landed Gentry, Sixth Edition, 1879, Vol 1, Page 515, has:

RICHARD EMMOTT, Esq., of Emmott, formerly Wainhouse, … assumed the name and arms of EMMOTT on becoming heir to his uncles. He d. 14 March, 1761, aged 60, leaving a son and dau.,
1. Richard, his heir. ["died unm. 1819"]
2. Mary Susanna m. Alexander Ross, Esq. of Springwell Place, Herts, and had 3 daus.
i. Ellen, m. her cousin James Oswald (brother to Elizabeth, Countess of Elgin and Kincardine), and d. s.p.   ["James" is a mistake for "Alexander"]
ii. Caroline, m. Edward Parkins, Esq., of Cheshfield Lodge, Herts, and d. s.p
iii. Harriett Susanna, m. 13 April, 1811, George Green, Esq., of Harley Street, London and by him (who d. 13 Aug. 1839) had [5 sons and 4 daughters]. 
GRAY, Alexander (I105780)
2 AGE 18 MOS., OF BARROW ROAD, Sileby BANDY, Mary Ann (I62838)
5 AGE 38, HUSBAND F.W.K. TOON, Mary (I39798)
6 AGE 47 YEARS, OF RATCLIFFE END, Sileby HALLAM, Thirza (I4696)
8 AGE 59 YRS., OF BARROW ROAD, Sileby MANSFIELD, Fanny (I62729)
9 all but 18 years, died of a locked jaw after his thumb was crushed by a cart wheel TOON, John (I49631)
10 At time of death was a foreman on the Water and Sewerage board. Cameto NSW in 1881. Married at age 20 years. Lived at N0 53 NURSE, Joseph (I55578)
11 banns, pres: Elizabeth Ann Saunders, Thomas Hackney, h:23,office clerk, w: 21 Family F10646
12 banns, pres: George Edward Wise & Druscilla Lewin, h: 23, quarryman, w: 21 Family F26076
13 banns, pres: James Inglesant & Rosella Mariors, :20,quarryman,w:18,corsetmaker Family F8561
14 banns, pres: John Ellson & Mary Ann Ellson, h: 21, quarryman, w: 21 Family F6589
15 banns, pres: Joseph Simpson & Ruth Maria Simpson, h: 22, quarryman, w: 20 Family F16006
16 banns, pres: Thomas Newbold & Jessie Newbold & Henry Newbold, h: 21, w: 19 Family F1090
17 banns, pres: Thomas Newbold & Martha Pick, h: 21, electric wirer, w: 24 Family F1088
18 banns,pres:Thomas Robotham,Ellen Warner,Henry Newbold,Jessie Newbold, h: 21,w:23 Family F1089
19 Both 23, G. otp, B. of Cropston Family F10424
20 by banns, presence: Abraham Gammidge & Bryan Moore, h: batchelor, w: spinster Family F8574
21 by banns, presence: Ann Antill Family F12682
22 by banns, presence: Benjamin Derry & Mary Rhodes, h: bachelor Family F380
23 By Banns, Presence: Charles Preston & Joseph Barrs, H: Bachelor, W: Spinster Family F11318
24 by banns, presence: Edward Smith & Sarah Snow Family F8577
25 by banns, presence: George Antill & Ann Gee, h: framework knitter, w: spinster Family F41
26 by banns, presence: George Rudkin & Catharine Cotes, h: bachelor, w: spinster Family F11521
27 by banns, presence: John Clarke & Mary Baum Family F12670
28 by banns, presence: John Gill & Bryan Moore, h: batchelor, w: spinster Family F5050
29 by banns, presence: John Gill & Elizabeth Peet Family F8569
30 by banns, presence: John Snelson Shenton & Mary Wale, h: bachelor Family F5714
31 by banns, presence: Joseph Boulton & Thomas Belton, h: brick maker, w: spinster Family F9234
32 by banns, presence: Joseph H. St  & Bryan Moore, H; framwork knitter, w: spinste Family F339
33 by banns, presence: Joseph Hallam & Eliza Baum, h: 20, quarryman, w: 19 Family F12673
34 by banns, presence: Joseph Sharpe & Ann Sharpe, h: labourer age 18, w: age 18 Family F6588
35 by banns, presence: Joseph Waterfield & Sarah Antill, h: bach, w: spin Family F7807
36 by banns, presence: Robert Tayler & Isaac Preston, h: bachelor Family F5217
37 by banns, presence: Samuel Hubbon & Joseph Rayns,h: bachelor, w: spinster Family F11218
38 by banns, presence: Stephen Clarke & Joseph Rayns, h: blacksmith, w: spinster Family F8155
39 by banns, presence: Thomas Antill & Ann Antill, h: bachelor, w: spinster Family F363
40 by banns, presence: Thomas Smith & Joseph Rayns, w: spinster Family F8984
41 by banns, presence: Thomas Winterton & Elizabeth Tahewose, h: batchelor, w: spin Family F8575
42 by banns, presence: William Corbrough & Joseph Rayns Family F10745
43 by banns, presence: William Daft & Joseph Rayns, h: bachelor, w: spinster Family F3925
44 by banns, presence: William Glover & Benjamin Barrs, h: framework knitter, w: sp Family F8567
45 d: an adult born 14 Mar 1888, factory worker, f: quarryman, wit: paper WARDLE, Elizabeth Sculthorpe (I53392)
46 d: an adult born 2 October 1822, f: school master NEWBOLD, Emma (I62181)
47 d: an adult, f: framework-knitter BOWLER, Edward (I15246)
48 d: born 14 Aug 1897, private, f: quarryman WARDLE, Rebecca (I53396)
49 d: born 6 June 1910, f: settmaker, god: parents, W J. Lewis & Sophia Jenkins BOWLER, Mary Elizabeth (I32790)
50 d: born February 1818, f: butcher HORNBUCKLE, Isaac (I50443)

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