Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Kensington, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1819Kensington, London I61533
2 ADNITT, Olive Marion  Abt 1891Kensington, London I45199
3 ADNITT, Phyllis Rose  Abt 1899Kensington, London I45198
4 ASTON, Harold Edgar  13 Jun 1869Kensington, London I108829
5 BATTYE, Wigram  Abt 1843Kensington, London I114347
6 BELL, Margaret Annie  Abt 1852Kensington, London I34114
7 BERGNE, Henry  Abt 1803Kensington, London I106823
8 BERGNE, John Brodribb  Abt 1801Kensington, London I106815
9 BOWMAN, Agnes  Abt 1850Kensington, London I86931
10 BREWER, Alfred  Abt 1825Kensington, London I92394
11 BUCKERIDGE, Albert Francis  Abt 1889Kensington, London I27887
12 BUCKERIDGE, Alice E.  Abt 1885Kensington, London I27885
13 BUCKERIDGE, Walter R.  Abt 1887Kensington, London I27886
14 BUCKERIDGE, William Henry  Abt 1883Kensington, London I27884
15 BURTON, Louisa  Abt 1875Kensington, London I25158
16 CHOLMELEY, Eveline Claire Cholmeley  17 Apr 1893Kensington, London I113017
17 DOYLE, Terence Granville  Abt 1910Kensington, London I68371
18 FAIR, Albert  Abt 1863Kensington, London I104960
19 FAIR, Edward  Abt 1859Kensington, London I104959
20 FAIR, Frank  Abt 1867Kensington, London I104961
21 FAIR, James P.  Abt 1873Kensington, London I104963
22 FAIR, Laura  Abt 1870Kensington, London I104962
23 GIBBS, Rebecca  30 Dec 1812Kensington, London I106814
24 GLIDDON, Edward C.  Abt 1842Kensington, London I50129
25 GLIDDON, Julia  Abt 1844Kensington, London I50130
26 GRACE, Rear Admiral Henry Edgar CB  Abt 1876Kensington, London I63999
27 GRACE, William Gilbert  Abt 1875Kensington, London I64011
28 GURTON, Charles Edward  Abt 1895Kensington, London I45197
29 JONES, Katherine  Abt 1871Kensington, London I102537
30 KINNELL, Thomas Francis  Abt 1896Kensington, London I44437
31 LEIGH-HUNT, Courteney Gerard  5 Dec 1908Kensington, London I49973
32 LEIGH-HUNT, Ellen Katherine  Abt 1844Kensington, London I50118
33 LUTYENS, Francis Augustus  Abt 1864Kensington, London I79459
34 LUTYENS, Frederick Mansfield  31 Mar 1860Kensington, London I79476
35 LUTYENS, Graeme Elphinstone  30 Sep 1861Kensington, London I79477
36 LUTYENS, John Gallwey  23 Mar 1855Kensington, London I79471
37 LUTYENS, Margaret Louisa  Between 1 Jan 1876 and 31 Mar 1876Kensington, London I79473
38 LUTYENS, William Enderby  21 Jul 1872Kensington, London I79472
39 MALCOMSON, Georgiana Barbara  20 Apr 1829Kensington, London I114353
40 MAY, Ethel Kate  3 Nov 1868Kensington, London I93261
41 MAY, Walter Basset  Abt 1870Kensington, London I93262
42 MESSER, Charles Henry  Abt 1895Kensington, London I104661
43 MESSER, Ernest Henry  Abt 1905Kensington, London I104665
44 MESSER, Ethel Marian  Abt 1897Kensington, London I104663
45 MESSER, George John  Abt 1896Kensington, London I104662
46 MESSER, Hilda Isabella  Abt 1891Kensington, London I104660
47 MESSER, Lillian Beatrice  Abt 1900Kensington, London I104664
48 MESSER, Rosa Grace  21 Jul 1901Kensington, London I104651
49 MOWAT, Elaine  Abt 1909Kensington, London I30316
50 PITT, Florence Mary  Abt 1898Kensington, London I104655

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADNITT, William Reuben  Abt 1940Kensington, London I45201
2 CUNARD, Sir Samuel 1st Bt  28 Apr 1865Kensington, London I120749
3 KENRICK, Florence  14 Feb 1875Kensington, London I78539
4 LUTYENS, Arthur Anstruther  21 Apr 1903Kensington, London I79460
5 LUTYENS, Graeme Elphinstone  Between 1 Jul 1875 and 30 Sep 1875Kensington, London I79477
6 LYONS, Colonel Edmund Willoughby  6 Jan 1889Kensington, London I124518
7 MONTEFIORE, Emma Abigail  28 May 1859Kensington, London I29388
8 PHILLIPS, Rose  Abt 1945Kensington, London I45200
9 VALIANT, Louisa Maria Burer  30 Mar 1878Kensington, London I113934
10 WELLESLEY, Garret 1st Earl of Mornington  22 May 1781Kensington, London I87239


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADNITT / MANTELL  Abt 1911Kensington, London F7079
2 BIGGS / GOAD  1 Mar 1867Kensington, London F5834
3 BUCKERIDGE /   11 Apr 1968Kensington, London F6251
4 BYRON / BERKELEY  3 Dec 1720Kensington, London F34587
5 GREENE / CARTERET  12 Feb 1761Kensington, London F34473
6 GURTON / ADNITT  Abt 1929Kensington, London F7135
7 WESTON / ARCHER  7 Sep 1861Kensington, London F26432
8 WYNYARD / WARNER  1 Sep 1814Kensington, London F32144